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Intuitive Art Online Course

Beyond the Veil Intuitive Art Online course is now Self Paced!

Hi Everyone,

This is my third online course and it has been shared by students all over the world, from beginners right through to advanced. This course is a follow on from my ‘Serendipity’ online course which has been extremely popular in Australia and overseas as well. 

The ‘Beyond the Veil’ Art E-Course was originally run in a similar way to the ‘Serendipity’ course, fed out over 4 weeks with 6 months access to the videos and course content. It is based on my Two Day Live ‘Beyond the Veil’ Workshop. I have run it a few times this way but I think it is now time to make the course “self paced”. In the same way I have already offered the “Serendipity”.  So you can enrol in the course at any time and gain access to all the classes and videos at once. Access will be ongoing.

Investment is $195 AUD


What lies beneath the veil?

About the ‘Beyond the Veil’ E-Course

The BTV Intuitive Art technique was developed along side the Serendipity technique. It is stage two of the technique. The Serendipity is a lovely abstract technique enhanced by the use of stencils and layering with translucent paints. The Beyond the Veil then delves further into that painting and pulls out shapes and images by using negative positive techniques.

I have taught this workshop many times and as I have experimented with the concept of bringing images out of the Serendipity, I have ended up developing 3 distinct techniques. Misting, White Out and Islands. I will be teaching all three of these techniques. So you will in fact be able to create three different paintings in this course.

Beginners are welcome. I do have easy ways of getting images onto the canvas that mean you don’t need to have superior drawing skills. Of course those of you who can draw will be able to sketch your images on yourself. Fellow Artists will love these techniques as well.

Below is an outline of the course and important information that you should read before you register. I look forward to seeing you online soon.

What Materials will you need to do the course?

Suggested Materials

Golden Fluids( 6 colours) are preferred but I do have some other suggestions if they can’t be sourced. Also a few tubes of normal paint in your favourite colours.

Stencils. Are essential to this technique. You will need stencils to set your intentions on our initial layer. These will be something personal that may have significant meaning to you. Birth dates, symbols, poems etc. You will need some background style stencils. Something you may want to have as your “Theme”? You may also like to have some stencils with special words on them? Please allow up to $100 for your stencils. You will also need a basic kit including brushes and other sundries. I will provide Links to online sources in the materials list.

Transfer paper. (Optional) For those who feel they would like some help getting their image onto the canvas.

How many hours will I need to complete a painting?

This technique is one I teach in a Live two day workshop. It really depends on how much time you set aside? You can spread it over a couple of weeks?

Internet Connection

You will need a reasonable speed connection to be able to play the videos. They will be available as HD but you can be viewed in a lower resolution if necessary. If you can play the Video below you will be able to play the E-Course videos as well.

Is There a Refund Policy?

No, once you have registered we are unable to give refunds. 

Please feel free to ask me any questions about the course. You can email me at susanfarrellart@gmail.com

I would love to have you join us!

Love Susan xx

Below is a selection of some of the Beyond The Veil paintings done by students in the Live Workshops.
Thank you Ladies for allowing me to “Share”

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