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I love painting Blue Wrens. They are one of my favourite subjects to paint. And I must say every time I finish a Wren painting it sells very quickly. So I guess you all love them as well?

So why not learn how to create your own Blue Wren painting online? I show you step by step my technique of painting these little birds.

I even supply a template of my painting so those of you who are not confident in drawing can trace my birds and flowers.

Of course those of you who can draw can follow along as well. Just be inspired by my images.  Choose different birds and or flowers? its all optional.

Now OPEN!!



We will commence by creating an abstract background. Lots of paint play and drips and flicks makes the backdrop more interesting without trying to look “real”.

You can choose what type of Wren you would like to paint or follow my demo. I will have the images ready, so you can transfer them on to your canvas. Of course you can also draw them on yourself?

Also think about what Flower you would like to feature in your painting? I will be painting the Roses shown above.

We will be painting on a 12inch x 16inch (30cm x 41cm) canvas.

Of course if you draw your own birds you can choose any size canvas.



Paints- Brushes- Transfer paper-Palette etc

A suggested Materials List will be provided



Canvas 30cm x 40cm


Template provided


Blue Wren- Spring Delight
Online Art Course


Once you Register you gain access to all the Lessons and content.

With over 25 videos and step by step intructions. 

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