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We are all experiencing upheaval and unrest at the moment. Whether we are younger or older we are all being affected by this worldwide health crisis. It is certainly a very challenging time. I have decided to offer my Chakra Tree of Life online course as self paced.

At a time when most of the world is feeling extremely vulnerable and uneasy I think this course will help bring balance and quiet into your lives. Being creative and connecting back to your higher self through chakra work is extremely healing and uplifting.  Painting is like a form of meditation and when we lose ourselves into the process it will help shut out all the “Noise” we are hearing at the moment which may have us feeling fear and anxiety.  I hope this course helps fill your days with creativity and quiet.

This is a unique course is about removing


back into your life

and bringing


This course will show you how to use chakras to realign your spiritual body but also your physical body. The Chakra Tree of Life Intuitive Art E Course is perfect for experienced artists as well as beginners.

What to expect from the course?

What to expect from the E-Course?

I’ll be painting on a large canvas as you watch the layers unfold – structured in an easy way that’s perfect for beginners


Course Fee: $195 AUD 
This course was originally  fed out over 5 weeks with 6 months access. I have now decided to offer it as a Self paced course.
So you will gain full access to the course and all the videos once you enrol.



A free meditation to more deeply and fully embody your artistic spirit while you’re painting


Private Facebook group Tree Of Life

Show us your brilliant artwork and we’ll share and celebrate your success! Feel free to ask me questions as you go.

Susan is not only an amazing artist but most definitely a powerful healer. It had been almost 20 years since I last picked up a paint brush and I was scared that I wouldn’t be good enough, but all my fears were immediately blown away like a feather as soon as I met Susan.

Susan held such a safe space that I was able to feel free and *let go* which is something I normally find hard to do.


I love Susan’s Workshops!! I’ve completed a number of them and now and always enjoy every minute! There’s always something new to learn. I love Susan’s use of colour and free expression. Each piece of artwork is unique.

Sigi G.

I have always had an interest in drawing and painting but between work and raising children there never seemed to be enough time to explore those interests. Susan’s workshops were ideal for me to get over the first threshold, picking up a brush again, but also to regain creative freedom and sense of colour and composition.

Eloisa N.

I can honestly say Susan that day was life changing for me, as I work in Psychology and help heal people all day long, having the experience of healing myself was both liberating and inspiring, not to mention I discovered my creative side was pretty close to the surface the whole time, I have you to thank for that.

Kelly B

Unblocking balancing and realigning

What are Chakras?

Chakras are the major centres of spiritual power in the human body and are circles of energy which balance store and distribute the energies of life all through our physical body along the spiritual body.

Chakras are circles of energy, flowing through our body the circles of energy assist in the running of our body, mind and soul. 


I feel like Susan gave me back a piece of my soul and I am eternally grateful for her wonderful support and encouragement. If only every art teacher in the world were like Susan!


When Chakras aren’t in alignment

If a chakra is not performing correctly this could cause our physical health, mental health and our spiritual selves to suffer.

You could feel listless, tired or depressed. Illness can prevail. It can also affect the mind, where negativity can pop up as well as self-hatred and low self-esteem may be present.

Ready to join?


Materials you will need

Golden Fluids/Atleier free Flow
Or make your own fluids

(7 colours) are preferred but I do have some other suggestions if they can’t be sourced. Also a few tubes of normal paint in your favourite colours.

The Tree is not a stencil.
It is drawn on freehand.

SOME stencils are perferred with this technique. Accessing stencils at his time will have to be done online mainly Ebay.
We may have to be a bit inventive with our art supplies at the moment.

I do suggest stencils to set your intentions on our initial layer, but they can be written or drawn on freehand as well.  You will need a couple of different styles of “leaves”, as well as “feature” stencils for your top layer. Something you want to have as your “Theme”.  Details will be in the materials list. You may also like to have some stencils with special words on them? Or you could write them on yourself. ( This could be done with transfer paper and a paint pen if you don’t feel confident with a paint brush) Please allow up to $80 for your stencils. You will also need a basic kit including brushes and other sundries. I will provide Links to online sources in the materials list.




Where can buy the Golden Fluid Acrylics?
What kind of internet connection will I need?

You will need a reasonable speed connection to be able to play the videos. They will be available as HD but you can be viewed in a lower resolution if necessary.
Please ensure you can play videos before you register. 

*If you can play the videos on this page you should be okay. 

How many hours will I need to set aside per week?

Each week will vary a little bit, but you should set aside a couple of hours per week to follow along. Of course some of you will be faster than others. That is why it is so wonderful to have the classroom open for 6 months. There will be no pressure to keep up or be left behind. if you have holidays , work commitments, the classes will still be waiting for you when you are ready.

Can I get a refund?

No, once you have registered we are unable to give refunds. Should something come up to prevent you following along in the first 5 weeks, you will have access to the classroom or 6 months. This will give you plenty of time to complete the course.

Please feel free to ask me any questions about the course. You can email me at susanfarrellart@gmail.com or if you are on Facebook you can visit my Facebook Business page and message me there 

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