Flow Intuitive

Art Workshop 

This is an Intuitive/creative workshop.

Our workshop will commence with a sister circle and a short meditation. We will be connecting to our inner selves. This is a healing workshop designed to release stress and the need to always be in control. Just giving in to the ebb and flow of potential opportunities… be open to the unexpected….

Koi Fish

I don’t know about you but I have always had a fascination with Koi Fish. They are everywhere in Bali, and I always stop to watch their endless cycle of flow in every situation.

They also seem to be very social and interactive with each other. They almost dance through the water twisting and splashing as they go. 

Both China and Japan seem to have origins with these beauties. The belief is that they bring Good Luck and Prosperity but also are connected with the Yin Yang symbol of perfect balance.



I did create a Koi Fish painting many years ago and taught a workshop back then, but just lately I have been called to paint another one in a different technique. They were on my list to paint in Bali but in the end they waited until now to manifest.

The background is one of my stencilled techniques. Softly muted with swirls, mist and bubbles.

Participants in this workshop are welcome to use my images for their painting but you could also bring along different Koi images and create your version using these techniques.

Whether or not you add the Lily or leaves. Is totally optional.

Even canvas size/shape will affect how the painting looks. You could choose to use a square canvas and just paint the Koi? You could also just paint two Koi in the Yin Yang style?

My canvas is 50cm x 76cm


A Materials List will be sent out once you enrol. Our base is created with translucent paint. Golden Fluids/Atelier Flow is the preferred medium but tube paint can be used as long as it is marked as translucent. Open box or circle. Cheap student paints are not recommnded for this technique.

Good quality Acrylic tube paints will be great for our feature images such as the Koi and the Lily. 

I have plenty of stencils to share to create the “flow” background.



Flow Intuitive Art Workshop

Sat 2nd September

Sun 3rd September

9:30 am  4:30 pm Both days



Lotus Dreaming Art Studio

14 Hillview Avenue, Rye 


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