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Creativity brings healing and balance


I learnt this technique many years ago and have experimented a few times to achieve different affects.
Whether it be an abstract painting or something else?

You can see by this painting that the technique is perfect for giving the illusion of water ripples.



I have always felt this particular technique would be too difficult to teach in a weekend workshop.

The technique is drippy and wet and the canvas needs to be wrapped up in glad wrap and let dry naturally for several days.

This has meant that it did not really transfer to a Live Workshop where you would need to transport your very wet canvas home to let dry before the next steps could be done. Logistics were just too hard!

But I think in this day and age with Zoom and digital products, we can really start to think out the square and try different ways to approach teaching art. 

You all know I have several online courses which have been fantastic tools for those who can’t get to my Live Workshops, to be able to watch my videos and follow the instuctional content. This has enabled them to be able to create beautiful paintings at home. 

So with this in mind I have decided to try a different way of teaching. Part Online and part Live workshop.



 I have filmed myself creating one of my Glad wrap technique backgrounds. There are four videos and 40 minutes step by step instructions.

Four weeks prior to the Live Workshop I will send a Link to the videos. This will be your Day One Workshop. You will just have to make sure you do your background at least one to two weeks prior to the Day Two Live Workshop on the 21st August.

That will give it plenty of time to dry and be ready for our next steps.


You will be bringing along your canvas which will already have been prepared and ready for our next steps.

It is really up to you what you would like to do with your background. You may prefer to stay abstract and just enhance what is already there or you may want to create something in particular. Like a Lily pond or a skyscape?

“Splash” is an example of an abstract painting done with this technique


A List will be sent out once you enrol

Choice of paints is totally up to you!
You may be creating an abstract decor painting to match in with your furniture?

Or you maybe wanting to paint a Lily pond or seascape?


Canvas size is up to you. My demo is 76cm x 76cm


You do not need any painting experience for this workshop!


Glad Wrap Technique
Art Workshop – Mornington

Via Private Video Link Instructional content

Sunday – August 21st

10:00 am  4:30 pm

Investment $295

Deposit Option $120 now
Balance due by the 1st August


Stables Art Room
Currawong Community Centre
5-17 Currawong Street, Mornington


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