Lavender Mists

Art Workshop 

Creativity brings healing and balance


I love painting Blue Wrens. They are one of my favourite subjects to paint. And I must say every time I finish a Wren painting it sells very quickly. So I guess you all love them as well?

So why not learn how to create your own Blue Wren painting?

This one is a cute little male Superb Wren amongst Lavender. Our little seaside cottage is abundant with lavender so you will have lots of inspiration to draw from.



We will commence by creating bright abstract background. Lots of paint play and drips makes the backdrop more interesting without trying to look “real”.

We will be painting on a small canvas. 30cm x 60cm or similar. Try to keep to this size as this is a One day Workshop and if you are using my template it will only fit that size. Of course if you would like to draw your own image you can choose what size you do it.



A Materials List will be sent out once you have registered. This workshop does require good quality tube paint.



For those who don’t have a Paint Kit already I can supply everything on the day for an extra $50 BYO Canvas


You do not need any painting experience for this workshop!


Lavender Mists
Art Workshop – RYE

Saturday – March 18th

9:00 am  4:30 pm



Lotus Dreaming Art Studio
Susan Farrell Art
14 Hillview Avenue
RYE Mornington Peninsula


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