Art Workshop
Brisbane October 2022

tap into gratitude

and abundance

heal and love

Create your own piece to hang in your sacred space 

Connect with
your intuition and just let go

I am based in Victoria and teach regular classes and workshops on the Mornington Peninsula.
I have been coming up to Queensland every year to hold workshops for nearly ten years. It is my favourite place to come as I was born in Brissy. Feels like Home!

I have taught in lots of different venues from Gold Coast to Sunshine Coast. This year I have found a lovely new venue in the Brisbane suburbs, in Yeerongpilly. Hopefully this will allow more Ladies from the Brisbane area to be able to access one of my workshops. Looking forward to sharing this lovely technique with you xx

You can choose anything you are being called to bring out of your background

Magic Happens


Art workshop

An in-person workshop in BAG END STUDIO
Yeerongpilly, Brisbane 

A holistic workshop designed to dive deeper into becoming
the best version of you, while allowing your creative spirit
run free for an afternoon of fun with paints.


About the workshop

This workshop is a culmination of all my Intuitive techniques. Starting with my “Serendipity” platform which is created by layering translucent paint and stencils to give depth and beauty to you painting.
Once we have created the background then you can choose what you would like to bring out by using one of my Beyond the Veil options.

You could totally take out the background and leave your subject? Whiteout.

Or mist around the image for a softer effect. Example are my Goddess paintings

Stained Glass effect by whiting out and adding black low lights to contrast

Or just keep your serendipity background and add stencils on top for a simpler option.

The details

8th – 9th October 2022
10am – 4pm both days

Bag End Studio
190 Station Road,
Yeerongpilly, Brisbane

Bookings Open Now. 

Workshop fee is $350

Deposit $150

Balance to be paid by the 30th September


I would love to have you join me and a small group of kindred souls in this lovely Art workshop. Connecting to your Inner Artist is so rewarding. I believe everyone can paint. I have lots of easy techniques to help you create a gorgeous painting that you can be proud of.

This workshop is perfect for BEGINNERS and Fellow artists alike. With no Rules or expections… just let go and have fun!!

Why not come with a friend? Or sister? daughter or mum?

There is no one else quite like you Susan! Love working in the Serendipity style, and some very special people will be getting a very special Christmas present this year, once I have painted them! Love you heaps, and I am so grateful for all you have taught me.

Dorothy E.

Susan is not only an amazing artist but most definitely a powerful healer. It had been almost 20 years since I last picked up a paint brush and I was scared that I wouldn’t be good enough, but all my fears were immediately blown away like a feather as soon as I met Susan.

Susan held such a safe space that I was able to feel free and *let go* which is something I normally find hard to do.


A huge thank you to Susan for sharing her wisdom. I have a feeling someone has let a genie out of a bottle I might not be able to put back.

Suzi I

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