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Creativity brings healing and balance


I love painting Birds. They are one of my favourite subjects to paint. Up until just recently though I had not painted a Magpie.

I love their quirky nature and their amazing warble. Just recently they have been asking me to paint them. I had a play with a new background. Layered leaves and mist. Then I painted these guys having a meeting.  I posted the image on my Facebook Page and lots of you have said you would like to learn the technique. Due to popularity, this is the second workshop.




We will commence by creating our misty background. A bit of stencilling and then lots of paint play makes the backdrop more interesting without trying to look “real”.

You can choose your own Magpie image and bring it along or follow my demo. I will have the image ready, so you can transfer them on to your canvas. Of course you can also draw them on yourself?

We will be painting on a 50cm x 76cm canvas.

Class Size is restricted to 6 students which makes for an intimate group. Perfect chance to share the day with a friend.



A List will be sent out once you enrol.

Good quality acrylic tube paint is recommended in my workshops.



Canvas 50cm x 76cm


You do not need any painting experience for this workshop!

My latest demo from the March Workshop is called “Show Off”

Magpie Magic
Art Workshop – RYE

Saturday – June 24th

Sunday – June 25th

10:00 am  3:30 pm

Investment $295


Lotus Dreaming Art Studio
Susan Farrell Art
14 Hillview Avenue
RYE Mornington Peninsula


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