It has been quite a while since I wrote a Blog. How life flies by!!

We have just got back from a lovely break in Bali. It truly is the perfect place to unwind and recalibrate. 

Looking back over the last few years I realise that I have been blessed to have to inspired so many others to step into their creative potential. Beautiful souls who have never believed that they could paint something amazing. I am forever grateful to watch their transformation to unfold.

The “Serendipity” has changed and evolved along the way. It is a technique that doesn’t involve any drawing. Stencils and layering of translucent paints are the key. Beautiful colours and the pride and satisfaction of creating your own piece is not only rewarding but it can be “healing” as well.

I have now shared the “Serendipity” with 100’s of souls from all over the world through the Serendipity E-Course and of course also here in Australia via my Live Workshops. Students tell me that it has changed their lives. Opening up a whole new world of colour and creativity that they have never imagined they could achieve. Their own “Masterpiece”!

Here are a couple of Testimonials from past students.

“Taking part in Susan’s Serendipity Workshop was a truly healing experience for me..I feel like she gave me back a piece of my soul and I am eternally grateful for her wonderful support and encouragement. If only every art teacher in the world were like Susan! I highly recommend Susan’s Serendipity Workshop to anyone who wants to get in touch with their intuitive self…it is a truly beautiful and grounding experience.” Anna found a profound sense of peace and inspiration in Susan’s Serendipity Workshop. I am not a particularly “arty” person but I found Susan’s energy and ideas positively contagious. I loved my session so much I am doing more. I have caught the creativity bug from Susan! I am very glad I met you Susan- you are a very inspiring person” Catherine

The Serendipity is not just an Art technique. It is a journey……A little bit like life. We start off just playing, and then layer by layer we start to put down our “Intentions”. Like a Vision Board. Writing down our intentions is a very powerful tool. They don’t have to be actual words. It can just be images or shapes.. something personal that means something to you.

In subsequent layers, these intentions may disappear, but they are already set, and you know they are there. Your painting may be just abstractor it could have a “Theme”. It may be a Garden? Or a Lotus Pond?

Sometimes along the way, you may get blocked and feel lost. This is normal…. it is in the breakthrough that the healing and self-belief takes place. I am sure many of you can relate 😉

“Fly Free” is the serendipity by-line. And I believe that it definitely can set you Free!!!

The next Serendipity Intuitive Art E-Course commences on the 9th September 2017


For those of you who would like to experience the Live Workshop I have a Serendipity Art Workshop here in Mornington in January 2018


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