I just thought I would update you on the workshops I have planned through to August 2016.

We are well into the year now and I have already run four Intuitive Workshops. We went up to QLD and Northern NSW in March where I taught two-weekend workshops. One in Ocean Shores NSW and one in Noosaville. Lots of beautiful paintings were created! We all had a wonderful time, although it was unseasonably humid and it did take a bit of acclimatising. We had a lovely break between the workshops up in Noosaville. I think it may be my favourite place now, and the venue at Wallace House was perfect.

Here are the Noosaville Girls with their gorgeous paintings! 

Just this last weekend I held the first Serendipity Workshop in Fitzroy, Melbourne. It was a fabulous weekend and I think it may become a regular venue in the future. 

Here are some of the girls with their paintings.

I have now scheduled workshops through to August. 

The next Workshop is the Serendipity Intuitive, Mornington 14th & 15th. MAY

Taking bookings now!!

Please click the link below to my website for the details


Sacred Space Workshop, The Goddess. JUNE

This is a lovely one day workshop that I have created to help connect us to our “Inner Goddess”.  Sunday 19th June. Venue: Mornington

I have also created some special stencils which will be exclusive to this workshop.


Be quick for this one as it is almost full already. 

In July I am back at the Fitzroy venue teaching the Beyond The Veil technique. JULY

This is where you can discover what lies under your abstract painting. The Workshop is
being held July 9th &10th.

Finally, I have decided to run a Magical Acrylics Workshop on Sunday 14th AUGUST.
“Under The Ocean” at the Mornington venue. In this workshop, I will show you how to create an abstract background and then feature a special sea creature. Maybe a Turtle?
 Or a Dolphin? Or even some lovely fish? I also have some exciting ways to play with texture to create coral. 

For those of you who are not local to Melbourne, the Serendipity E-Course will run again in September. We are currently working on filming the Chakra Tree of Life E-Course.
 Hopefully, it should be launching by October? I will let you all know well ahead of time.

In some other exciting news, I am now selling a small selection of stencils in my Shop.

Some are exclusive top me and others are my favourites from TCW and The Stencil Girls.

Thats all for now!! 

Happy Painting!!

Love Susan xx

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