Paintings For Sale 2023

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If you would like to purchase any paintings or have any questions re shipping please email me at susanfarrellart@gmail.com

“Flower Goddess” is a demo I created in one of the Spring Goddess workshops. The original Spring Goddess sold very quickly. I have been holding on to this more curvy Goddess as I love her so much but it is time to let her go.
50cm x 60cm. $550.
Be quick for this one!!

“Spring delight”
40cm x 30cm $300

Brand New “Spring Mist”
30cm x 30cm $300


Spring Showers 2021
30cm x 60cm $250


“Lotus Dreaming”
50cm x 76cm $800

“Humming Bird Magic”
40cm x 50cm $350

“Lorikeet delight”
50cm x 76cm $800

“Violet And Crumble” are a pair of Gang Gang Parrots from the Moonlight Sanctuary. I was so pleased to be able to paint them.
50cm x 60cm $750

“Oscar 2” was my demo for the Online version of the Night Time Workshop. 
40cm x 40cm $325

“Heron’s Message” demo from classes.
50cm x 60cm $350


“Blossom Buddies”
50cm x 60cm $750

50cm x 60cm $750

“Soul Mates”
50cm x 60cm $750

“The Meeting”
50cm x 76cm $650

“Show Off”
50cm x 76cm $650

50cm x 76cm $500

“Blowing Bubbles”
50cm x 60cm $550

50cm x 70cm $400

“Mount Martha Beach”
76cm x 76cm $850

“Goddess Isis” 
60cm x 60cm $450

“Celtic Tree Of Life”
76cm x 76cm $650

“Feathered Friends”
76cm X 76cm $650

“Valley Of The Lanterns”
76cm x 76cm $650

60cm x 60cm $350

“Goddess Of Creativity”
60cm x 60cm $350

“A Moment In Time”
76cm x 76cm $550

“Blue Lotus”
76cm x 76cm $350

“Spotted Owl”
50cm x 60cm $550

Hines dragonfly
50cm x 60cm $550

These paintings were the original artwork commissioned by Blue Angel Publishing for the Animal Voices Wisdom cards. I still have some of the paintings waiting for their forever homes. This series depicts endangered Animals and Birds.

“Honey bee”
50cm x 60cm $550

“Mountain Gorilla”
50cm x 60cm $550

Blue Lotis butterfly
50cm x 60cm $550


These are a group of paintings from my class demos that I am selling at a discount price. Too many paintings in my storage cupboard means great prices to you!!

“No Fishing”
50cm x 60cm $350

“Forever Love”
50cm x 60cm $350

“The Lookout”

40cm x 50cm $250

50cm x 60cm $350

50cm x 60cm $350

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