Owl Wisdom Art Wprkshop

Let’s paint Owls!!!

This is a very sweet little workshop that I have run a many times in the past. It features my own little Spirit guide Pygmy Owl Oscar. I painted him back in 2010 and he has been a very powerful energy in my life and in other people’s lives since then.
I have kept the original painting, but I have sold many art prints and he hangs in Healers rooms, nurseries, childrens’s rooms and lots of other homes all over Australia.
He now resides over my new Art Studio!!




We will commence by creating our night time backgrounds. Lots of paint play and drips and makes the backdrop more interesting without trying to look “real”.

You can choose any type of Owl you would like to paint.  Bring along some images to either be inspired by or to transfer onto your canvas. Or you can paint your version of Oscar!!

In fact you can choose to paint any Night time Creature. Just bring your images along.

 We will be painting on a small canvas. 40cm x 40cm or similar. Try to keep to this size as this is a One day Workshop and a bigger canvas may not get done in our timeframe.



A Materials List will be sent out once you have registered. A basic paint kit is all you will need.



You do not need any painting experience for this workshop!


Starry Night
Art Workshop – RYE

Sunday- July 28th

9:00 am  5:00 pm



Lotus Dreaming Art Studio
Susan Farrell Art
14 Hillview Avenue
RYE Mornington Peninsula


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