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Please note if you are buying more than one stencil it is best to email me through my Contact for calculations of shipping and I will send you a Paypal Invoice.

As you all know I love using stencils in my artwork. They are a wonderful tool for adding interest to a painting and they make
it very easy for students to create a gorgeous painting. I am being constantly asked where to buy the lovely stencils that I use.
So I have decided to start stocking just a few of my favourites in my Shop. I intend to add more as we go along.

 The “Serendipity Stencils” are a range I have made available for my students. Perfect for using in my intuitive workshops/E-Course.
They are made of Mylar plastic and can be reused many times. I recommend you to wash them after using with paint.
Unfortunately my stocks are a little low. I am currently working on offering a small selection of my favourite stencils for sale. Such as
the flower Balls and the blossom. Also some new words will pop up soon.Please stay tuned.