Sacred Intentions

Art Workshop – New Moon

This is a sisters circle style workshop.

I am very attuned to the moon and all her cycles and I believe that our ancestors also honoured the cycles of the moon. The Moon and the Ocean affect so much of how our planet works — it makes sense that they affect how we feel as well.

Every Full Moon I go outside and connect to the moon. The energy it animates is amazing. I know many of you do the same thing. We also know its power for clearing crystals and making “Wishes”.  But it is actually the New Moon that is the best time to manifest your new intentions and release what is no longer serving us. 


If you’ve been feeling blocked and frustrated lately, this workshop can help!

I have created this workshop so we can honour the New Moon energy and use that energy to set Special Intentions.

This workshop can help you manifest those things you want into your life.

A bit like a Vision Board



The Workshop will commence with a circle and a chat. Connecting with the the group is so important for this style of workshop. The healing power and
sharing and support is so powerful with a group of women. Sisters!

We will go on a short meditation and connect to the New Moon energy.

You may already know what you would like to bring in? Or it may just pop in during the Meditation? Just stay open….

This workshop is a day before the New Moon, due on the Monday 13th November. The moon’s energy will still be working.

We will be painting on a small canvases. 10″ x 12″ or similar. No bigger than 18 inches. These are perfect for just popping beside your bed or near your altar. Somewhere you see them daily, that way you will be reinforcing your intention every time you look at it.

We will paint pretty abstract backgrounds, or stencilled layered backgrounds. Its up to you which you prefer? We will then play with stencils. Whatever you feel called to… Then you can write your intention onto your background with paint pens or use the many Affirmations I have collected in stencilled words. Add a Lotus? Animals? Koi fish, Tree Of life, I have lots to choose from.

These word stencils are around the 10cm square for reference

Just keep in mind these stencils are 30cm square so bring a canvas that will suit


You can supply your own paints… just good quality tube paint will be fine.
At least one canvas. 25cm x 20cm or you could go up to a 18cm square. Depending on the size you choose, and how you would like to create your boards or boards, you could bring a few smaller canvases? My advice is to bring along a couple of canvases in case you finish early.



For those who don’t have a Paint Kit already I can supply everything on the day for an extra $50

You will still need to supply your own canvas though with this option


You do not need any painting experience for this workshop!

*I will send out a Materials list once you register 

Sacred Intentions
Art Workshop – New Moon


Lotus Dreaming Art Studio

14 Hillview Avenue, Rye


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