Step through the door of Serendipity

Paint, heal and balance your creative soul


with your inner child



Be completely free to play with paint and colour, open to possibility.

free to play

without reservation or fear. Feel the release as you let go.

tune into your


and spread your wings

Be completely free to play with paint and colour, open to possibility.



Intuitive Art E-Course

A self-paced online course with 5 video classes for you to learn to paint with my Serendipity technique.

What to expect from the course?

What to expect from the E-Course?

Investment: $145 AUD

“I’ll be painting on a large canvas as you watch the layers unfold – structured in an easy way that’s perfect for beginners

The sessions are based on 5 classes, filled with content and instructions. Self-paced, so you can pause and take as much time as you need.”


  • You’ll gain access to all of the content immediately upon signing up
  • You’ll receive a login and have access to all videos
  • You’ll also receive a PDF containing all of the course content


A free meditation to more deeply and fully embody your artistic spirit while you’re painting


Private Facebook group Fly Free

Show us your brilliant artwork and we’ll share and celebrate your success! Feel free to ask me questions as you go.



A 32-page pdf instruction sheet to guide you along in case video isn’t your favorite way of learning 

Ready to join?


There is no one else quite like you Susan! Love working in the Serendipity style, and some very special people will be getting a very special Christmas present this year, once I have painted them! Love you heaps, and I am so grateful for all you have taught me.

Dorothy E.

Susan is not only an amazing artist but most definitely a powerful healer. It had been almost 20 years since I last picked up a paint brush and I was scared that I wouldn’t be good enough, but all my fears were immediately blown away like a feather as soon as I met Susan.

Susan held such a safe space that I was able to feel free and *let go* which is something I normally find hard to do.


I found a profound sense of peace and inspiration in Susan’s Serendipity workshop. I am not a particularly ‘arty’ person but found Susan’s energy and ideas positively contagious. I loved my session so much I am doing more
- I have caught the creativity bug from Susan! 
I am very glad I met you Susan – you are a very inspiring person.

Catherine H

A huge thank you to Susan for sharing her wisdom. I have a feeling someone has let a genie out of a bottle I might not be able to put back.

Suzi I

The course is for you if:

The course is for you if:

The Serendipity Intuitive eCourse is for you if you’ve never painted before, or if you’re feeling blocked.

This is not just a painting class, it is more of a holistic balancing, a healing experience.

Reconnecting back to your creative self and working through any blocks that may have been holding you back, saying you aren’t good enough.

I created this workshop after discovering that there are so many souls out there who believe they can’t paint or aren’t creative.

Theses techniques are easy and intuitive. 

Why not spread your wings and FLY FREE!!

Is the Serendipity Workshop right for you?

Are you someone who hasn’t done art in years and is feeling the need to reconnect to your creativity?

Or maybe you are already an artist and you would like to become a bit less controlled and learn how to just relax and play without any preconceived ideas of where you are going with your painting?


I feel like Susan gave me back a piece of my soul and I am eternally grateful for her wonderful support and encouragement. If only every art teacher in the world were like Susan!


Experienced artist?

If you’re experienced this course will suit you as well – why not try something new? Let go of any expectations…..Play and release controlling your outcome! Who knows what will eventuate?

If you want to reignite your creativity then this course is perfect for you!

Ready to join?


Materials you will need

Golden Fluids/Atelier Free Flow.

For background layers

(5-7 colours) is what I use in my demo. I do have some other suggestions if they can’t be sourced. We can turn normal tube paint into fluids by adding water or flow medium and mixing them up in litle bottles or empty spice jars. We just have to make sure the tube paints are translucent ( see through) for this to work. Most good quality tube paint have this marked on them with an empty box or square. Opaque paint is shown with a filled in box or circle.

Tube paint for stencils
We will also need a few tubes of normal tube paint for the stencilling.

Are essential to this technique. 

You will need “background” style stencils as well as “feature” stencils. You may also like to have some stencils with special words on them? Please allow up to $80 for your stencils.

You will need stencils to set your intentions on our initial layer. These will be something personal that may have significant meaning to you. Birth dates, symbols, poems etc. You will need a few “feature” stencils for your top layer. Maybe go with a “Theme” Like a garden or even be more symbolic and abstract. Make your painting individual to you.  More details will be in the materials list.

You will also need a basic kit including brushes and other sundries. I will provide Links to online sources in the materials list.

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