Serendipity Art Workshop

Art Workshop 

  Paint, heal and balance your creative soul

The Serendipity art workshop is a holistic experience. It is a chance to treat yourself to a day of fun and play.     
With no expectations and no inhibitions.

This workshop is perfect for both beginners and fellow artists. I will guide you through the layers.
Created with stencils and translucent paint.


The Workshop will commence with a circle and a chat. Connecting with the the group is so important for this style of workshop. The healing power and sharing and support is so powerful with a group of women. Sisters!

We will go on a short meditation and connect to our inner muse.

This workshop is about having fun and just playing with the paint and stencils! With no preconceived ideas of what the outcome will be. Just TRUST and let what needs to come out happen…..


Painting is almost like a form of meditation. It allows the mind to be still and we can really just go deep within. Leaving all the internal chatter behind. Bringing balance back into Mind Body and Soul.

If you’ve been feeling blocked and frustrated, this workshop is the perfect way to just relax and let it all go! There are no rules or need to be able to draw. Beginners are welcome!

Is the Serendipity Workshop right for you?

Are you someone who hasn’t done art in years and is feeling the need to reconnect to your creativity?

Or maybe you are already an artist and you would like to become a bit less controlled and learn how to just relax and play without any preconceived ideas of where you are going with your painting?

Or maybe you just want to have a fun day with your friends or family?

I have had Mothers and Daughters, Husbands and Wives, Sisters and groups of friends do the workshops. They all say it is a great way to spend a day just laughing, playing and creating.


You can supply your own paints… A Materials List will be sent out once you register.



For those who don’t have a Paint Kit already I can supply everything on the day for an extra $50


You do not need any painting experience for this workshop!

*I will send out a Materials list once you register 


Serendipity Intuitive
Art Workshop 

Saturday – July 18th 2020


Stay tuned for new dates later in 2020

9:00 am  5:00 pm



Lotus Dreaming Art Studio
14 Hillview Avenue
Rye, Victoria Australia

$100 is non-refundable if cancellation is up to 14 days prior to workshop. Cancellations after the 4th July full workshop fees of $195 are non refundable.

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