Spirit Guide Commissions

 Spirit Guide Paintings

I have decided to offer commissions for Spirit Guide paintings. Recently I channelled my own Guides and when I shared the image with you I was overwhelmed by your response to it.

It is a very special piece and now hangs in my Art Studio. Finally my Guides are in the physical form and not just in my meditations.

I have been told since, that the connection to your Guides is much stronger when you bring them into this world in some sort of art form. Painting or sculpture?

So I thought I would give you the opportunity to have your own Guide painting hanging in your home.

These commissions will be limited to just a couple over the next few months. They take a few weeks to complete and my classes and workshops always keep me very busy. 

If you would like to learn more about the commissions please contact me at susanfarrellart@gmail.com

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