Starry Night – Owl Magic!!


Let’s paint Owls!!!

This is a very sweet little workshop that I have run many times in the past. It features my own little Spirit guide Pygmy Owl Oscar. I painted him back in 2010 and he has been a very powerful energy in my life and in other people’s lives since then.
I have kept the original painting, but I have sold many art prints and he hangs in Healers rooms, nurseries, childrens’s rooms and lots of other homes all over Australia.
He now resides over my new Art Studio!!



I have decided it is time to offer this technique as an online course. This is the first of my Magical Acrylics techniques to go online. Magical Acrylics were my original techniques prior to developing my Intuitive- Mixed media courses.

They are creations of easy drippy backgrounds and then adding my favourite subjects. Birds and Animals.. all with my little “magical” touch!! More to come!! But this is the first one… I know you will love him and be inspired to paint lots of Night Time creatures!

The Course is now OPEN for Enrolment


 The course is available as a Self Paced offering. Which means you can pop in at any time and be able to access
the whole course all at once. Access will be ongoing , so it won’t expire.

The Course is spread out over Eight comprehensive Lessons and has Eighteen videos, which follow my demo from beginning to the end. It is chock a block full of content. You will learn how to create your own beautiful night time painting and also as a Bonus, I am gifting you a Downloadable Template of my own little Owl painting “Shooting star”!



We will commence by creating our night time background. Lots of paint play, drips and sponging makes the backdrop more interesting without trying to look too “real”.

You can choose any type of Owl you would like to paint.  Choose your own images to either be inspired by or to transfer onto your canvas. Or you can paint your version of my “Shooting Star” Owl, Oscar! 

 My demo is done on a 18inch (46cm) square canvas. its a good idea to try and  keep to this size if you want to use my template. Of course it is really up to you though!



  • I use regular tubed Acrylic paints in this demo.  You will need a few different shades but it is really up to you how many you purchase.
  • A basic paint kit with brushes and pallet etc.
  • Transfer paper is recommended unless you would like to draw your own image.
  • Extra sundries
  • Hair Dryer

You do not need any Painting Experience to do this course!!


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