I was pondering on this thought recently. The theory that every living creature shares a connection to the universal consciousness. Which should mean that we all have unlimited potential. We just have to learn how to tap into it.

As my own creative journey evolves and twists and turns, I have noticed time and time again that other Artists and Teachers are on very similar paths. We seem to share the same thoughts and ideas which is quite amazing. We are sometimes surprised that someone else paints or says exactly what we have just channelled. We can be on different sides of the World with no connection but we have still shared that same thought or idea.

How does that happen? Is it just coincidental? I don’t think so. Recently I read Elizabeth Gilbert’s book “Big Magic”. In it she describes the same concept. That there is a universal consciousness that we all have the ability to tap into.

So how do you learn to tap into this consciousness? 

TRUST I know! That old word!

But if we do trust and believe that this is possible, then we open up to the possibility. To connect to that consciousness we will need to let ourselves become a channel. Learning to channel when we paint can be difficult. Our brain keeps interrupting with what it wants you to paint rather than “going with the flow” as the wonderful Artist Flora Bowley is famous for teaching. We need to lose ourselves into our paintings and in this way, we really can connect to that universal consciousness.

This can take practise and I must admit that I also have to remind myself to stop trying to control my creations and just let them happen. My best paintings are the ones where I have completely lost myself in the process. You can start with something in mind if it helps but in the end, you just have to be prepared to let the painting evolve into whatever direction it wants to.

Realistically you may get blocked along the way. Our old Monkey brain will skip around and play games with our consciousness. That’s quite okay. Recognise what is happening and take a break. 

Of course, there are ways to still our minds and become open to that channel again. We could meditate, do yoga or just practise something else that relaxes our minds. We could even “Dance like no one is watching” or maybe just go for a walk.

Channelling, like painting, takes practice. Don’t force it, just let it happen in your own time. Remember to have fun and just relax. 

Happy painting!! Love Susan xx

The Buddhas Garden

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