Whimsical Animals

Art Workshop 

Creativity brings healing and balance


I love painting Birds and Animals. They are one of my favourite subjects to paint. And I also love Colour. It just adds “Magic” to everything!

Art is all about having fun and creating a painting that promotes happiness for everyone who sees it is just so rewarding!!



I have designed this workshop for beginners and also fellow artists.

You can draw your own subject or I can show you how to transfer your image. No rules or expectations in my workshops.

You can choose whatever subject you are being called to paint. We just need to keep it simple and not worry about too much detail. You can choose to just play with colour or add stencils for interest inside your Animal?

Some suggested subjects could be Baby Animals? They are so cute. Emus are fun and quirky.

We will be painting on a small canvas. 50cm x 60cm for a rectangle or square no bigger than 60cm x 60cm . Try to keep to this size as this is a One day Workshop and a bigger canvas may not get done in our timeframe.



A Materials List will be sent out once you have registered. This workshop does require good quality tube paint and a few brushes.

Canvas 50cmx 60cm 0r 60cm x 60cm

I have plenty of stencils to share. So no need to buy any.

Just think of the bright colours you would like to add to your painting. 



  Our Venue

This workshop will be held at my Home Studio in Rye. So places are limited to 5, which is means we have a lovely intimate group of Ladies.

Of course that also means lots of one on one tuition with me.

The airconditioned studio is located in the back streets of Rye close to the Hidden Kitchen. Great spot for Lunch.

So why not come down to the peninsula for a day of creativity and fun!! Bring a friend or your Mum?

Best of all, you get to take home a masterpiece that you painted!!

Whimsical Animals
Art Workshop 


Lotus Dreaming Art Studio

14 Hillview Avenue, Rye


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