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This is a One Day Workshop just for my past Students. I know sometimes you don’t get completely finished  in a workshop and although I would hope you feel confident enough to finish the painting at home, I know some of you have not got around to it.
Also a few of my current students are keen to finish works they have been doing in class. In a six hour workshop it should really help support you to go home with a completed piece.

So on request, I have decided to offer a couple of “Catchup” workshops during Winter. This is the first one.


If you don’t already have a WIP painting you are welcome to bring along a project you have planned but I won’t be doing a demo. I can help and inspire you with ideas but as we will have varied techniques happening, you will need to be bringing images and ideas along yourself.
I can bring a few particular stencils with me if you are working on a Intuitive piece but these will be limited. So you might need to BYO Stencils?

Maybe you started a Blue Wren painting a few years ago? A Magpie one? Or a Serendipity/BTV piece? Here is your chance to finish it! Please feel free to email me at susanfarrellart@gmail.com if you are not sure about anything?


As I have stated above, this Workshop is not for New Students who have never done either Classes or Workshops with me.

I will be scheduling new workshops soon for anyone else
interested in doing one of my workshops.

Art Workshop 

Sunday – May 5th

10:00 am  4:00 pm



Lotus Dreaming Art Studio 
Rye Victoria


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